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rough copy

27 November 1972
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"Never kick a slipper at the moon if it is the time for the Dancing Slipper Moon when the slim early moon looks like the toe and the heel of a dancer's foot," Carl Sandburg, Rootaba Stories

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What I have thus established:

1. My life is a long series of sometimes strange and sometimes mundane events.

2. My head is still spinning from birth.

3. I seem to have problems with self-definition. We are all supposed to be on some team or another but I have trouble committing to one for long.

4. I prefer just being committed to people.

5. I like books and music.

6. I like cats.

7. I like plants.

8. I will never stop abusing caffeine.

9. I will never finish puberty.

10. I need constant cerebral stimulation, to an almost unhealthy degree.

11. I worship Prometheus.

12. I am hopelessly hetero, but luckily gender-confused.

13. I am choosing my family members.


14. I am growing an army.
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